Sunday, July 22, 2007

First post first post first post!

I arrived in Brisbane last Tuesday morning, bought a cell phone, and began looking for an apartment. I saw three places that afternoon, and they were as follows:

1) "Korean Tenement" - A student house run by an old hippie woman, containing a large number of sick korean boys eating chicken soup out of large pots and playing first-person shooters on their computers. Add to that, general squalor and the fact that the room would not be ready for 2 weeks. Solution? I would be staying in old hippie woman's son's bed until korean boy #3 moved out. Also, very far away from things. Too far. Rating: 1/2 star, and that's generous.

2) "German beach house" - As soon as I saw this house, I thought "beautiful, cute, and clean." Living here is a german guy named Chris and a british guy named Ben. They are looking for a third roommate, and the house is really freaking nice. Tall ceilings, wooden floors, open spaces, very well lit, amazing kitchen, and a little second-floor balcony overlooking a park. The guys seem really nice and laid back and clean, and the stove looks good. 4 gas burners! Rating: 4 stars

3) "Greek love nest" - opposite a greek orthodox church, here lives Gemma and her boyfriend Tim. However Tim is moving to Canberra because he got a sweet ass job, leaving Gemma behind, so she needs a new roommate. The room is big with high ceilings, has a nice big futon, and both Gemma and Tim are really really nice. But in general, the house is much less beautiful than the German beach house, and Gemma is hot. So...not really an option.


I moved into the German beach house on Thursday, and it's great. Interesting note: Since telling hippie woman I wouldn't be moving into the asian death-trap she has shown up at my new house unannouced to "see where I'm living," invited herself in, and taken a self-guided tour. Following that, she has called me three (3) times to make sure I don't want to change my mind, and "do I know any other boys who are looking for places to rent."


Melissa said...

Good to hear you are taking all the right precautions. You are hillarious.

Aunt Miss

Troy Steinmetz said...

Woohoo! Congrats, mate. You'll soon find that blog comments are about as addictive as email.

Some advice about keeping up on blogs:

1) Feel free to keep posts simple. They don't have to be long. Otherwise, it turns into an ordeal to do an update. One simple story as a post can be quite a morsel.

2) Use pictures and video as much a possible. Fills in for a lot, and typing alone gets tiring. Also, whenever you can link to something that explains more or is cool, go for it.

3) Have fun!

Anyway, best of luck in your new beach house. I hope crazy Korean woman does keep calling you. That would be annoying.